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I have to admit though, I’ve been struggling with my belief system. In studying, I’ve realized that more often than not “paranormal experiences” can be explained by suggestion. So while I don’t necessarily know if I believe that, I can’t say I don’t either. I have had plenty of experiences alone, but the majority of them have happened with other people around. I’ve never gotten any real proof that something happened.

When speaking of suggestion, it’s most widely understood that someone’s memories can be changed. For example, memory is the most unreliable piece of evidence used. If someone says ” hey, remember this event? You were wearing a blue shirt and black pants and we ate corn-dogs?” you might remember the event, but you were wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and ate funnel cake. My point is, that I think this is easily achieved when there are hauntings too.

If I’m with a group of my friends and we’re already talking about spooky things and it gets quiet and we hear a BANG! What else are we going to think that is? I think that maybe that’s what happened a lot when I was growing up. There were times I was alone but I would already be scared.

I think I want to start trying to find my own proof of the paranormal. I want to use a spirit box, maybe a voice recorder and try to find evidence to either prove or disprove this for myself. I have many trips planned this summer to try and do this. Right now things are too busy for me to try and find evidence, but when life slows down, I’ll start searching.

To be clear, I’m not saying I woke up and now I don’t believe, but I do have some skeptical thoughts. I think that’s healthy though. Like I said in my haunted library post, a bit of skepticism is healthy and necessary. If you go in to every situation expecting to see something paranormal, you will. But only because you suggested to yourself that something would happen. It may not be paranormal but you heard a sound, felt some cold and now you’re convinced it’s a ghost! This is how suggestion works and I want to find proof without suggestion.


  1. That’s great! I feel like most things that happen can be explained. But as you know, there are also series of events that occur that don’t have an explanation. I’m excited for your findings!

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