So, the semester is over and I have no excuses for not posting now! All A’s so you guys KNOW I worked hard!

I want to continue posting about mainly paranormal things going on the state, but personal stories are really cool too! If you have an interesting paranormal story (ghosts, aliens, demons, whatever) email me and let me know! I want to know other people’s stories too.

Also, I see these page views, OK? I know you’re lurking. Leave a comment on any post, send me an email, let me know you’re visiting and where you’re from! I get encouraged to keep this up when I see that people want to read it. The fact that I got four hundred-something page views throughout this month while I wasn’t writing made me so excited but also sad that I haven’t been keeping up like I should. And I know that those views are probably random people who happened on this page looking for something else, but if you ARE one of those people and you liked anything, or hated it let me know.

What can I change? What would you prefer to see? I want to grow this into maybe a podcast or video series or something one day, but I first want people to know it exists. If you read my posts and like them, share the site to your social media.

Friday, we’re back to spooks 😉


  1. Warning: Vernon Hills, IL and Libertyville, IL and surrounding 50 miles radius area is in active war zone ! Towns are held hostage by UK agents, Russian spies, Indian spies, Mexican spies, Chinese spies, and other Hispanic spies

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