For anyone that has begun to read this blog, I apologize for the late posts. I’m starting a new posting schedule and trying some things out that you will begin to see coming up in the next posts.

For the new posting schedule I will be posting a personal paranormal story on Mondays which should be up at midnight. I will do a paranormal story that I found interesting on Fridays which will also be up on midnight. This is something I’ll begin next week (Monday September 30).

I’m a full time student and I also work full time so I had to rearrange my schedule a bit to compensate for that. I really want this blog to be something people look forward to twice a week. I want people who are interested in the spooky, odd, out-of-the-ordinary things to to come here and feel like they found their people.

Right now, I’m writing about things close to me, I think it’s important to do that because, being in the Bible Belt, many people don’t talk about this and this is something that TONS of people go through and can’t say a word about or else they’ll be labeled as weir or unchristian-like. I think it’s also important to note that, experiencing these things does not have anything to with your religious views.

I’m excited about the future of this blog and watching it grow, If you read this please comment! Comment anything, tell me about yourself or your pets, what are your dreams, what projects are you working on? If you make art or have a blog yourself, go ahead and put your social media info down!