On a relatively warm October night in 1973, a young 26-year-old police chief Jeff Greenhaw is sitting at home with his wife. The peace is broken by an anonymous female caller who claims she saw a UFO right outside of town on a property owned by Bobby Summerford. Leaping to action, Jeff grabs his gear: gun, radio, handcuffs, and other items normally found in a cop’s kit. On this night, however; Jeff made the decision to include a polaroid camera among his tools.

Before I began really diving in to this case, I wanted to know more about the man behind it, the former Police Chief, Jeff Greenhaw. I tried everything, all google searches came back to this case, I looked on the Falkville city website to see if this is mentioned and, it isn’t (I can see why after reading about it, but more on that later). To me, it seems like this guy didn’t exist outside of this one case. I couldn’t find anything on his backstory, or even a facebook page. From the information around the story, he would be around seventy-two, still possibly alive and I have some questions! I think the only way to find any more information is to go to the Falkville or surrounding area’s library and  look in the old newspapers, which I still may do, but not today. 

I guess I should just dive in then, I can’t find Jeff, but here’s what I do know, The incident took place in October of 1973. Jeff was at the time, as stated before, the police chief at only 26 years  old! Good for him! Jeff was sitting at home with his wife when he got a call from an anonymous woman saying she saw a UFO right outside of town, on property owned by Bobby Summerford. Jeff got his gear;gun, radio, handcuffs, normal cop things, but then he also grabbed his polaroid camera. The articles I found on this said that he grabbed the camera as an afterthought, and I’m no police officer, but why would a cop just decide to grab a camera? That seems suspicious to me!

Jeff Greenhaw got in his truck and went out to the property to check things out. It was a bit after 10pm and he started to look around the property, at first he didn’t see anything. As he began to drive one more circle, he went down an old gravel road and then he saw the Metal Man. Jeff at first thought this was a human person so he shouted at the “man” and received no reply. So he got out of the truck and realized it wasn’t a man. He described it as a “humanoid figure” that looked like it was wrapped in aluminum foil. He said it was small, “neckless” and robotic. Remember that polaroid Greenhaw just happened to think to bring? He whipped that out and snapped some pictures, convenient. The pictures I saw on a few different websites, and I will post the links to the articles I read and one podcast a bit later. (Cryptonaut Podcast, these guys are really cool, check them out!)

Once Jeff took the pictures, the creature began to run. Jeff tried to chase it down in his truck but according to him the terrain was rough and he could only go around 35 mph and the creature was going much faster and jumping many feet into the air, Jeff would say it was like it was defying gravity. Jeff soon lost his pursuit after crashing his truck into a ditch and the creature was never to be seen again. 

After his encounter and bringing the case to the town’s attention, Jeff’s life fell apart. He was fired from his position by the city council, his wife left him, and someone set his home on fire. He received ridicule from the entire town after this. 

The pictures Jeff took were gathered and sent to the Mutual UFO Network, and what is really odd is that there were two articles I found that mentioned this but they’re both conflicting. One said that MUFON found the photos to be fake (cryptopia.us) and one said they were the real-deal (realunexplainedmysteries.com). 

Some people believe Jeff made the entire story up. The caller was anonymous, he just happened to bring his camera, and there was no evidence that a creature had been on the Summerford’s property. Also, to make this all a bit more interesting, this all took place after a huge story broke out in Mississippi about another alien sighting that same month. It was almost as if Mr. Greenhaw wanted to garner some fame and cash from his story. Unfortunately, if this was fabricated, it destroyed his life. He lost respect from everyone in the town, which is why I think I couldn’t find any information on him after this story. No family, nothing. If this DID happen, I feel horrible for him. 

Some people also believe that Jeff didn’t make the story up but that the creature is still fake. They think that someone had dressed up or found some way of making the creature as a prank and Jeff was the one who came upon it. Once the story blew up in such a negative way, the real culprits would never admit it was them.

So, What do you think? Do you think Jeff was telling the truth and saw an alien-like creature? Do you think he was trying to find glory in a fabricated tale that backfired on him? Or do you think it was a prank-gone-wrong? Let me know! I could go any way with it.