The sun was beginning to shine through my bedroom window. I feel my cat jump onto the bed and walk up towards my head. He does this most mornings, so I look up to call to him to come…

I was going to make my next post be a Friday post about a pretty notorious Birmingham haunting. The day I was going to begin to write it though, something happened that I felt like I needed to tell about.

So, most mornings when my husband is getting ready for work, he goes and showers, gets dressed and then comes back in to get his wallet. We have two cats, Pancake and Waffle, and normally Waffle will either sneak in when husband comes in to get his things or, husband normally leaves the door just barely cracked so Waffle can come into the room when he’s ready. This is a normal occurrence for us.

Lately, Waffle has not been feeling like himself. We’ve taken him to the vet and he says he has a hormone imbalance, he’s on medication and should be getting back to normal. While he’s been not feeling well though, he hasn’t wanted to come to snuggle in the mornings like he usually will.

The other day, husband came in to get his wallet and phone as usual before leaving for work. I felt what I was pretty sure was Waffle jump onto the bed and walk around. I felt four paw-like steps being taken on the bed and honestly my heart started lifting a little because, like I said, he hasn’t been wanting to snuggle since he doesn’t feel great, so I was taking this as a sign he was feeling better. So I lifted my head and started to pat beside the pillow for him to come but he wasn’t there. No one was. Not Pancake (which would be abnormal since he isn’t as snuggly as Waffle) no Waffle. So I sat straight up and started looking for him in the room. I thought that surely he was just under the bed, maybe he had jumped down before I could see. I then noticed that Husband did not leave the door cracked as he normally would to allow Waffle in. There was no way that he can open a completely shut door, he tries, but he isn’t there yet.

This is what I was talking about though in one of my last posts. Strange things happen randomly to me and I have no explanation. This one I guess I could say that I was half asleep and half dreaming. But normally when I’m in that state I can’t wake myself up quickly and I can’t move.

What do you think? Do these things happen to you too??

So, the semester is over and I have no excuses for not posting now! All A’s so you guys KNOW I worked hard!

I want to continue posting about mainly paranormal things going on the state, but personal stories are really cool too! If you have an interesting paranormal story (ghosts, aliens, demons, whatever) email me and let me know! I want to know other people’s stories too.

Also, I see these page views, OK? I know you’re lurking. Leave a comment on any post, send me an email, let me know you’re visiting and where you’re from! I get encouraged to keep this up when I see that people want to read it. The fact that I got four hundred-something page views throughout this month while I wasn’t writing made me so excited but also sad that I haven’t been keeping up like I should. And I know that those views are probably random people who happened on this page looking for something else, but if you ARE one of those people and you liked anything, or hated it let me know.

What can I change? What would you prefer to see? I want to grow this into maybe a podcast or video series or something one day, but I first want people to know it exists. If you read my posts and like them, share the site to your social media.

Friday, we’re back to spooks 😉