The Man in the Woods

It’s the night before high school graduation and I have two friends stay at my house, Marie and Lynn. In our celebratory excitement we decide to take some snacks to the pier across the street on the main water to look at the moon and the stars and talk about our future endeavors. My dog, Teddy, followed to join our party. While we get settled we talked and laughed. It was at ten o’clock pm that we decided to go across the street and now it was nearing midnight. “Hey guys, we should go in soon, I have to get my little brother to school in the morning” Lynn reminded us. As seniors, we only had to be at school at noon for our graduation rehearsal. Soon after Teddy begins to growl and snarl at something we can’t see. Then we hear it, and we run!

Sorry this one is really late, I’m going to change up the schedule, so Mondays will be personal paranormal stories and Fridays will now be the other stories I find that I want to write about.

I wanted to try and keep my personal stories in chronological order as they happened, and for the most part I am. This story does happen years after my last one ( but I have a reason for that. Most of the things that happened after the first one became pretty normal for me. The walking up the staircase every night and seeing shadows all became part of my daily routine. There were a few things that I remember vividly that were out of the ordinary but for the most part the same things happened. This night though, began a very scary time for me. Understand too, that most of my friends were going off to college and moving away, the friend in this story, Marie, pops up in many stories because at this point she was living with my family and also we were and still are very close, but she moved a few hours away. I am with Lynn as well, and for a while we were together most days. The reason I bring this up is because I think Lynn and I were in very negative places. This night began for both of us, some pretty traumatizing experiences and I believe most of that was because I at least, suffered from depression that I was doing my best at hiding and pushing down, creating a negative energy for whatever to wander in and make it worse. I feel like I, in some round-about way, invited the negative spirit to come in to my life. I felt like everyone was progressing their lives faster than me and I was working dead-end jobs and living at home. So that is some background, let’s dive in!

Most of the time when I had friends over, we stayed outside. I have to admit that the neighborhood I grew up in was safe and beautiful. It was an island that was connected to the main road by a cosway that went over the lake, creating a slew on the side I lived on and the main water on the other. The houses across the street were mainly vacation homes and on the main water. 

So this night was no different in that aspect. We were on a pier that we favored, a fiberglass floating dock that was best for jumping into the water because it was around twenty feet deep at the end of the pier in the summer and it was open with no ceiling so it was the best looking at the sky (we had permission to be here as well). That’s where we sat most of the time, eating snacks and talking. What colleges we’ll be attending or not, what our future was going to look like from then, deep conversations (or what we at seventeen and eighteen felt were deep!)

But this time we sat out for two hours talking. Lynn was supposed to take her brother to school so we were about to go inside anyway when Teddy began to growl and snarl. This was very out of character for him. He was always a very good natured calm dog, he rarely got upset and he wasn’t aggressive in any way. As we looked around for whatever it is he saw that we didn’t, he ran, and not towards the “thing” he ran home! That’s when we saw what he was seeing, we heard it first. Crunching through the leaves on the ground, something sweeping through the tree limbs in the woods to our left. A large misty figure was coming toward us. It had the shape of a tall and large built man but it was dark and the edges of “him” blurred out in to what I can only describe as a mist.We were still blocked by woods from the road and my house. We all immediately got up and ran. As we ran, we could hear it following us. We heard it’s steps quicken with ours, our hearts racing, we didn’t have far to run but it felt like we were miles from home! Finally we got to the road and crossed the street still running until we were in front of the house where we turned back and looked. It seemed like the road was blocking the spirit from getting to us. We looked and watched as it started to fade away. We all looked at each other, adrenaline still running through our bodies and decided to go inside. We tried to go sleep since Lynn had to be up early.

The next morning Lynn woke up to shower and get dressed. My bathroom at my parents’ house was a “Jack-and-Jill” set up. So we had two sinks in an area where two bedroom doors connected and then another door that led to the toilet and shower. Lynn got her backpack (it’s also important to mention here that her backpack was one of those huge and heavy Army backpacks, her boyfriend was entering the military and somehow got one that she used and she had it filled with clothes and books and it probably weighed twenty pounds at this point) and propped it up in the sink on the right and balanced it against the mirror on the wall.

While she was in the shower she heard tapping on the door, thinking it was one of us she called out, “you can come in the door’s unlocked!” Nothing. She heard it again but louder this time and she said again “just come in, can you hear me?” Again there was no reply but this time there was a pounding on the door so she got out, irritated, “I said just….” but Marie and I were asleep, sound asleep. So she got back in, shaken though. Not long after she got back in we all heard a loud BANG! We all went to look and Lynn’s backpack had been thrown against the opposite wall on the opposite side of the bathroom. 

Lynn got dressed pretty quickly, but after that began our adventure with this spirit that lasted for years! Marie had experiences too afterwards but she moved shortly after. We made sure to call her after every event though, she began the journey with us and we felt it was important to keep her connected to it ;).

The next couple of personal events I’ll write about we’re extremely scary for us but it also brought, me in particular, closer to wanting to know more about the paranormal, so you guys can thank that scary ghost/demon/whatever it was for this blog if you’re enjoying it!

Art by: seraphyne13 on instagram


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