I’m in my room at age thirteen with my best friend. It’s late, too late for us to be awake but we both suffer from insomnia. We’re playing video games quietly when we hear my mom come up the stairs. We rush to jump in bed and fake being asleep, but she never came into the room, only stops at the door. 

So, when I began this blog, I really wanted to add personal experiences. I have plenty. I also want to write about haunted locations I go to, and eventually, when I’m feeling comfortable with it, I want to investigate some of those places. 

For my beginning into my personal experiences, I wanted to tell about something that would happen pretty frequently. Almost always around the same time at night, and became so regular in my life that I eventually tuned it out. That is, the spirit, or one particular spirit, in my parents’ home. 

Like I said in my introductory post ( http://nowleavingnormal.com/leaving-normal/ )I was terrified of everything growing up. I would always have friends over, weekend, week day, it didn’t matter. I wanted someone with me as much as possible. But also like I said, I would never sleep in my bedroom alone. If no one was with me I would sleep in the living room on the couch. Even when I did have friends, we would usually bring blankets and make a pallet in the living room floor.

Things started up for me again when I was a teenager and began to sleep in my room more often. I think I started doing that more around thirteen and this particular night set off the events that would become my normal.

My best-friend at the time, who is still my best-friend today, would stay over at my house more than anyone else. When we started getting into our teen years we began sleeping in my room. At the time though, we both suffered insomnia pretty severely, thankfully I grew out of it. We would normally play video games on my Playstation all night or at least late into the night. 

The events began one night while we were playing a game. We had the lights off because I had another friend over who was already asleep and if we got caught being up that late we would be in trouble. This night, we were playing our games, trying to be as quiet as possible and we began hearing footsteps up the stairs. We immediately jump up and turn everything off and go pretend we were sleeping. I always kept the light at the top of the stairs on and I saw someone standing outside the door. We waited for my mom to come in or walk away but nothing happened. I became annoyed and confused. Why was she just standing there this long? If she heard us she already knew but if she didn’t, why not just walk away? So I got up, my friend following behind. 

I swing open the door ready to face my mother’s wrath so I already had my “defensive” face on but….nothing. Before I opened the door we both saw someone there. We could see a shadow of feet under the door all the way up to open it. We saw the person sway slightly in the shadow. But there was no one there. No one. We closed the door and stared at each other for a while, confused and scared. We started up our game again, because what else were we supposed to do? The rest of the night we heard the steps. I heard them every night I was alone, or had certain friends with me, until I moved out. They would begin at around two a.m. and end around four. It was always the same pattern, until I switched rooms after my brother moved out. They would walk up the stairs, up the landing, and stand in front of whatever door I was behind. If my brother wasn’t home, they would walk into the bathroom that connected our rooms and stand in front of that door. They would stay for thirty minutes then walk back down the stairs and repeat the process until four. 

This was the beginning of me becoming aware of spirits and the paranormal. After this, I would have regular experiences happen almost monthly. I never felt threatened but I was always afraid just because it was out of my current realm of comprehension and…it was unknown. It was scary for me. I would tell my parents and they would always have some excuse as to what it was. 

Like I said earlier, I’ll keep doing things like this on Mondays. And I want to know what everyone else has experienced. Have you experienced anything? Let me know!