So first off, the bots. I know I need to write more but I can always tell how long I’ve been neglecting my blog based on the number of fake/bot comments I get. I particularly like the ones telling me how to “meet matures” or giving me “dating for seniors reviews”. Those are my faves.

Can we also talk about how insane 2020 has been though? With everything that’s going on most of us just ignored the Pentagon releasing footage of UFOs! Which, I know, I should have already been on this! But damn, life is crazy.

Let’s talk about that though. UFOs, so there’s proof now right? According to CNN, the videos were first released privately, then the Navy supposedly approved them as legitimate last year!

The government still has not confirmed that these are extra terrestrial phenomena but they are calling them “unidentified aerial phenomena”. In the videos you can hear the naval aviators who took the footage talking about what they were seeing, one of them says “there’s a whole fleet of them!” They excitedly talk about how fast the UFOs were moving and defying laws of physics.

This is exciting as Hell! The pentagon is (sort of) confirming what many have believed in forever! It was pretty selfish for us to not believe in life outside of our planet, and it’s pretty hard to say there definitely is not or would never be life outside of Earth, considering there’s life here!

Either way, whether or not this case IS aliens for certain doesn’t matter. The videos are cool, and no one is saying they AREN’T UFOs, so that’s promising!

The link to the CNN article is below and a TikTok (I know, I know) that I found funny on this case, and also has some strong language know, watch out for that (also it is satire, I felt compelled to say that).


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