It’s the night before high school graduation and I have two friends stay at my house, Marie and Lynn. In our celebratory excitement we decide to take some snacks to the pier across the street on the main water to look at the moon and the stars and talk about our future endeavors. My dog, Teddy, followed to join our party. While we get settled we talked and laughed. It was at ten o’clock pm that we decided to go across the street and now it was nearing midnight. “Hey guys, we should go in soon, I have to get my little brother to school in the morning” Lynn reminded us. As seniors, we only had to be at school at noon for our graduation rehearsal. Soon after Teddy begins to growl and snarl at something we can’t see. Then we hear it, and we run!

Sorry this one is really late, I’m going to change up the schedule, so Mondays will be personal paranormal stories and Fridays will now be the other stories I find that I want to write about.

I wanted to try and keep my personal stories in chronological order as they happened, and for the most part I am. This story does happen years after my last one ( but I have a reason for that. Most of the things that happened after the first one became pretty normal for me. The walking up the staircase every night and seeing shadows all became part of my daily routine. There were a few things that I remember vividly that were out of the ordinary but for the most part the same things happened. This night though, began a very scary time for me. Understand too, that most of my friends were going off to college and moving away, the friend in this story, Marie, pops up in many stories because at this point she was living with my family and also we were and still are very close, but she moved a few hours away. I am with Lynn as well, and for a while we were together most days. The reason I bring this up is because I think Lynn and I were in very negative places. This night began for both of us, some pretty traumatizing experiences and I believe most of that was because I at least, suffered from depression that I was doing my best at hiding and pushing down, creating a negative energy for whatever to wander in and make it worse. I feel like I, in some round-about way, invited the negative spirit to come in to my life. I felt like everyone was progressing their lives faster than me and I was working dead-end jobs and living at home. So that is some background, let’s dive in!

Most of the time when I had friends over, we stayed outside. I have to admit that the neighborhood I grew up in was safe and beautiful. It was an island that was connected to the main road by a cosway that went over the lake, creating a slew on the side I lived on and the main water on the other. The houses across the street were mainly vacation homes and on the main water. 

So this night was no different in that aspect. We were on a pier that we favored, a fiberglass floating dock that was best for jumping into the water because it was around twenty feet deep at the end of the pier in the summer and it was open with no ceiling so it was the best looking at the sky (we had permission to be here as well). That’s where we sat most of the time, eating snacks and talking. What colleges we’ll be attending or not, what our future was going to look like from then, deep conversations (or what we at seventeen and eighteen felt were deep!)

But this time we sat out for two hours talking. Lynn was supposed to take her brother to school so we were about to go inside anyway when Teddy began to growl and snarl. This was very out of character for him. He was always a very good natured calm dog, he rarely got upset and he wasn’t aggressive in any way. As we looked around for whatever it is he saw that we didn’t, he ran, and not towards the “thing” he ran home! That’s when we saw what he was seeing, we heard it first. Crunching through the leaves on the ground, something sweeping through the tree limbs in the woods to our left. A large misty figure was coming toward us. It had the shape of a tall and large built man but it was dark and the edges of “him” blurred out in to what I can only describe as a mist.We were still blocked by woods from the road and my house. We all immediately got up and ran. As we ran, we could hear it following us. We heard it’s steps quicken with ours, our hearts racing, we didn’t have far to run but it felt like we were miles from home! Finally we got to the road and crossed the street still running until we were in front of the house where we turned back and looked. It seemed like the road was blocking the spirit from getting to us. We looked and watched as it started to fade away. We all looked at each other, adrenaline still running through our bodies and decided to go inside. We tried to go sleep since Lynn had to be up early.

The next morning Lynn woke up to shower and get dressed. My bathroom at my parents’ house was a “Jack-and-Jill” set up. So we had two sinks in an area where two bedroom doors connected and then another door that led to the toilet and shower. Lynn got her backpack (it’s also important to mention here that her backpack was one of those huge and heavy Army backpacks, her boyfriend was entering the military and somehow got one that she used and she had it filled with clothes and books and it probably weighed twenty pounds at this point) and propped it up in the sink on the right and balanced it against the mirror on the wall.

While she was in the shower she heard tapping on the door, thinking it was one of us she called out, “you can come in the door’s unlocked!” Nothing. She heard it again but louder this time and she said again “just come in, can you hear me?” Again there was no reply but this time there was a pounding on the door so she got out, irritated, “I said just….” but Marie and I were asleep, sound asleep. So she got back in, shaken though. Not long after she got back in we all heard a loud BANG! We all went to look and Lynn’s backpack had been thrown against the opposite wall on the opposite side of the bathroom. 

Lynn got dressed pretty quickly, but after that began our adventure with this spirit that lasted for years! Marie had experiences too afterwards but she moved shortly after. We made sure to call her after every event though, she began the journey with us and we felt it was important to keep her connected to it ;).

The next couple of personal events I’ll write about we’re extremely scary for us but it also brought, me in particular, closer to wanting to know more about the paranormal, so you guys can thank that scary ghost/demon/whatever it was for this blog if you’re enjoying it!

Art by: seraphyne13 on instagram

For anyone that has begun to read this blog, I apologize for the late posts. I’m starting a new posting schedule and trying some things out that you will begin to see coming up in the next posts.

For the new posting schedule I will be posting a personal paranormal story on Mondays which should be up at midnight. I will do a paranormal story that I found interesting on Fridays which will also be up on midnight. This is something I’ll begin next week (Monday September 30).

I’m a full time student and I also work full time so I had to rearrange my schedule a bit to compensate for that. I really want this blog to be something people look forward to twice a week. I want people who are interested in the spooky, odd, out-of-the-ordinary things to to come here and feel like they found their people.

Right now, I’m writing about things close to me, I think it’s important to do that because, being in the Bible Belt, many people don’t talk about this and this is something that TONS of people go through and can’t say a word about or else they’ll be labeled as weir or unchristian-like. I think it’s also important to note that, experiencing these things does not have anything to with your religious views.

I’m excited about the future of this blog and watching it grow, If you read this please comment! Comment anything, tell me about yourself or your pets, what are your dreams, what projects are you working on? If you make art or have a blog yourself, go ahead and put your social media info down!


Jenny Scott’s phone rings and she answers to her husband Hunter telling her great news! He has finally found a rental home in Rockford, Alabama closer to his job. He describes a home that is older and beautiful. Telling her of this affordable home that could also hold their family for four, the picture being painted of this deal is almost too good to be true.

Their entire world was about to turn into a living nightmare.

Here’s what happened: Jenny, her husband Hunter, and children, Gracyn, Buddy and Faythe, were living in Auburn, Alabama. Hunter’s commute was an hour in each direction daily. I can attest having done it myself, an hour commute to work is exhausting. Jenny would stay at home with the kids. They were beginning to falter financially as it was, daycare would be an added expense that wasn’t necessary. Their current landlord was raising the rent on their small, two-bedroom apartment and they were feeling suffocated. Hunter began to look for a new home closer to his job, that was more affordable, and he found this beautiful home in Rockford. Jenny’s son Buddy was from a previous marriage, and she didn’t want to have to take him from a school district he was already acclimated to and upheave his life moving him an hour away to a new school district. She made plans with Buddy’s father and they decided it was best, while difficult for her, that Buddy stay with him during the week and come to her every weekend. Hunter’s daughter Faythe, was also from a previous relationship, and she lived with her mother full-time. 
Hunter went ahead and rented the home, passed the keys to Jenny and while he was at work, she and their toddling daughter Graycn went to look at the house. Upon getting to the house she kept thinking “ it’s too good to be true”. The home was big and well taken care of, but it didn’t belong. She recalls that it was “New Orleans style home with wrought iron railing across the top porch”. As she went into the home she began noticing strange things. The sliding glass door to the back yard was nailed shut, while the outside was well kept there were papers scattered throughout the kitchen and dining room, and when she made her way upstairs, she noticed that everything on the second story was painted blue. She noted in her book that it wasn’t just the walls, it was the light switches, ceilings, window and door frames. All were painted blue. In the south (and Jenny mentions this as well) it isn’t uncommon for some older “plantation” style homes to have blue ceilings on porches, it’s thought to keep mosquitoes away, especially in more humid parts of the south like Louisiana and Florida, and also south Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. But not INSIDE the house, just on the porches. 

Jenny began to feel uneasy about the home after her tour and went to tell Hunter they had to find something else. It disappointed him because it was such a nice house and within their budget,she begrudgingly decided to go along with it! And they moved in. 

The first experience she mentions is after a day of painting over the blue upstairs, she sees a figure in one of the upstairs windows while she was exploring the backyard of the home. The only people home were her mother who was in the kitchen, Gracyn,and herself. She immediately panicked thinking another person was in the house! She got everyone out just when Hunter was pulling in the drive. He went to check the house and, of course, no one was in it. She mentions that her obsession with painting is what ,she believes, set the haunting in motion. 

The next event was when Hunter’s daughter ,Faythe got to sleep in her new room. They had an issue with Japanese lady beetles and had finally gotten rid of them before she came. The morning after her first night there they woke up to find Faythe sleeping on the couch. She explained that bugs were crawling all over her in the bedroom. When they went to check, they didn’t see any bugs at all. Faythe also mentioned thinking they were coming down the stairs all night, she heard them creaking, and of course, they weren’t.

 Jenny’s son, Buddy, saw an antique mirror she had in her dressing closet on his way to their bathroom one day and became terrified. He never would tell her what he saw but she ended up having to hide all reflective surfaces, and still does. 

Shortly after they moved, they adopted a basset hound named Betty Lou. Jenny eventually got comfortable with letting Betty Lou go outside alone, but one day she didn’t come back. Hunter went out to look for her and he found her. Her heart had been removed from her body. This was traumatizing for Jenny, she loved Betty Lou and found comfort in her being there while hunter was at work late into the evenings.

 At one point Jenny felt like she was pushed down the stairs by something. The family also began seeing shadow people during their time at the Rockford house.

Jenny mentioned in the book that she felt isolated, most of the time it was just her and Gracyn, a toddler. She feels (as most people who believe and study the paranormal do) that this entity was feeding off the negativity in the house, and making her more negative as a result. Jenny began to experience sleep paralysis and saw something sitting on her chest. She began to research sleep paralysis and came across the Boo Hag, and I’ll post a link explaining the Boo Hag down below so you can read more about it if you’re interested. In her research, she also found that Haint Blue (like the paint upstairs) is used to confuse spirits in a similar way it’s thought to keep out wasps and mosquitoes,Jenny began to realize her mistake by painting. 

She and Hunter decided it was time to get OUT, so they started packing and looking for new places to stay. They also anointed the house with oil to “bless” it. At one point during her packing, Jenny went into Gracyn’s room and found a cross they had hanging was turned upside down.

 Thankfully, not long after, they found a home for rent, a bit out of their price range, but they took it. With about three weeks left on the Rockford lease, they moved into their new house. The day they moved, Kim Johnston, a paranormal investigator, came to  investigate the Rockford house. 

Kim said before she began the investigation, she spoke for weeks with Jenny. She began having nightmares about it and even before going she experienced sleep paralysis as well. 

Kim met with a medium at the Rockford house and began their investigation and right off the bat he started hearing the spirits. While she tried to get in contact with her business partner Shane, her phone kept cutting out from lost signal. The medium explained two brothers were the spirits in the home and they didn’t want anyone there. He told her to look at the upstairs window (just like Jenny first had) and Kim saw two black, shadowy figures. 

And that’s where the first part of their book ends. Part two is the investigation. 

Jenny Scott is a writer, she has a blog (, and she survived a horrifying ordeal at the hands of evil spirits. She, along with Kim Johnston, wrote about this experience. Kim is a paranormal investigator with sCARE of Alabama, who has investigated many haunted locations in Alabama. She is one of the investigators that went to Jenny’s home in Rockford. I actually had the pleasure of hearing her speak about her experiences after I had purchased and read Haint Blue part one. I happened across the book on Amazon and decided to buy it since it was a true haunting in Alabama. It was thrilling and insanely scary at times. I believe it got me spooked because I have had many, MANY experiences with the paranormal and nothing I have experienced is anywhere near what Jenny and her family went through. This might be a long one! I didn’t want to leave anything important out! There will be a part two on this following the second book next week, so watch out for that! 

So, tell me, Have you had any experiences similar to this one? Part one Part two Boo Hag

I’m in my room at age thirteen with my best friend. It’s late, too late for us to be awake but we both suffer from insomnia. We’re playing video games quietly when we hear my mom come up the stairs. We rush to jump in bed and fake being asleep, but she never came into the room, only stops at the door. 

So, when I began this blog, I really wanted to add personal experiences. I have plenty. I also want to write about haunted locations I go to, and eventually, when I’m feeling comfortable with it, I want to investigate some of those places. 

For my beginning into my personal experiences, I wanted to tell about something that would happen pretty frequently. Almost always around the same time at night, and became so regular in my life that I eventually tuned it out. That is, the spirit, or one particular spirit, in my parents’ home. 

Like I said in my introductory post ( )I was terrified of everything growing up. I would always have friends over, weekend, week day, it didn’t matter. I wanted someone with me as much as possible. But also like I said, I would never sleep in my bedroom alone. If no one was with me I would sleep in the living room on the couch. Even when I did have friends, we would usually bring blankets and make a pallet in the living room floor.

Things started up for me again when I was a teenager and began to sleep in my room more often. I think I started doing that more around thirteen and this particular night set off the events that would become my normal.

My best-friend at the time, who is still my best-friend today, would stay over at my house more than anyone else. When we started getting into our teen years we began sleeping in my room. At the time though, we both suffered insomnia pretty severely, thankfully I grew out of it. We would normally play video games on my Playstation all night or at least late into the night. 

The events began one night while we were playing a game. We had the lights off because I had another friend over who was already asleep and if we got caught being up that late we would be in trouble. This night, we were playing our games, trying to be as quiet as possible and we began hearing footsteps up the stairs. We immediately jump up and turn everything off and go pretend we were sleeping. I always kept the light at the top of the stairs on and I saw someone standing outside the door. We waited for my mom to come in or walk away but nothing happened. I became annoyed and confused. Why was she just standing there this long? If she heard us she already knew but if she didn’t, why not just walk away? So I got up, my friend following behind. 

I swing open the door ready to face my mother’s wrath so I already had my “defensive” face on but….nothing. Before I opened the door we both saw someone there. We could see a shadow of feet under the door all the way up to open it. We saw the person sway slightly in the shadow. But there was no one there. No one. We closed the door and stared at each other for a while, confused and scared. We started up our game again, because what else were we supposed to do? The rest of the night we heard the steps. I heard them every night I was alone, or had certain friends with me, until I moved out. They would begin at around two a.m. and end around four. It was always the same pattern, until I switched rooms after my brother moved out. They would walk up the stairs, up the landing, and stand in front of whatever door I was behind. If my brother wasn’t home, they would walk into the bathroom that connected our rooms and stand in front of that door. They would stay for thirty minutes then walk back down the stairs and repeat the process until four. 

This was the beginning of me becoming aware of spirits and the paranormal. After this, I would have regular experiences happen almost monthly. I never felt threatened but I was always afraid just because it was out of my current realm of comprehension and…it was unknown. It was scary for me. I would tell my parents and they would always have some excuse as to what it was. 

Like I said earlier, I’ll keep doing things like this on Mondays. And I want to know what everyone else has experienced. Have you experienced anything? Let me know! 

On a relatively warm October night in 1973, a young 26-year-old police chief Jeff Greenhaw is sitting at home with his wife. The peace is broken by an anonymous female caller who claims she saw a UFO right outside of town on a property owned by Bobby Summerford. Leaping to action, Jeff grabs his gear: gun, radio, handcuffs, and other items normally found in a cop’s kit. On this night, however; Jeff made the decision to include a polaroid camera among his tools.

Before I began really diving in to this case, I wanted to know more about the man behind it, the former Police Chief, Jeff Greenhaw. I tried everything, all google searches came back to this case, I looked on the Falkville city website to see if this is mentioned and, it isn’t (I can see why after reading about it, but more on that later). To me, it seems like this guy didn’t exist outside of this one case. I couldn’t find anything on his backstory, or even a facebook page. From the information around the story, he would be around seventy-two, still possibly alive and I have some questions! I think the only way to find any more information is to go to the Falkville or surrounding area’s library and  look in the old newspapers, which I still may do, but not today. 

I guess I should just dive in then, I can’t find Jeff, but here’s what I do know, The incident took place in October of 1973. Jeff was at the time, as stated before, the police chief at only 26 years  old! Good for him! Jeff was sitting at home with his wife when he got a call from an anonymous woman saying she saw a UFO right outside of town, on property owned by Bobby Summerford. Jeff got his gear;gun, radio, handcuffs, normal cop things, but then he also grabbed his polaroid camera. The articles I found on this said that he grabbed the camera as an afterthought, and I’m no police officer, but why would a cop just decide to grab a camera? That seems suspicious to me!

Jeff Greenhaw got in his truck and went out to the property to check things out. It was a bit after 10pm and he started to look around the property, at first he didn’t see anything. As he began to drive one more circle, he went down an old gravel road and then he saw the Metal Man. Jeff at first thought this was a human person so he shouted at the “man” and received no reply. So he got out of the truck and realized it wasn’t a man. He described it as a “humanoid figure” that looked like it was wrapped in aluminum foil. He said it was small, “neckless” and robotic. Remember that polaroid Greenhaw just happened to think to bring? He whipped that out and snapped some pictures, convenient. The pictures I saw on a few different websites, and I will post the links to the articles I read and one podcast a bit later. (Cryptonaut Podcast, these guys are really cool, check them out!)

Once Jeff took the pictures, the creature began to run. Jeff tried to chase it down in his truck but according to him the terrain was rough and he could only go around 35 mph and the creature was going much faster and jumping many feet into the air, Jeff would say it was like it was defying gravity. Jeff soon lost his pursuit after crashing his truck into a ditch and the creature was never to be seen again. 

After his encounter and bringing the case to the town’s attention, Jeff’s life fell apart. He was fired from his position by the city council, his wife left him, and someone set his home on fire. He received ridicule from the entire town after this. 

The pictures Jeff took were gathered and sent to the Mutual UFO Network, and what is really odd is that there were two articles I found that mentioned this but they’re both conflicting. One said that MUFON found the photos to be fake ( and one said they were the real-deal ( 

Some people believe Jeff made the entire story up. The caller was anonymous, he just happened to bring his camera, and there was no evidence that a creature had been on the Summerford’s property. Also, to make this all a bit more interesting, this all took place after a huge story broke out in Mississippi about another alien sighting that same month. It was almost as if Mr. Greenhaw wanted to garner some fame and cash from his story. Unfortunately, if this was fabricated, it destroyed his life. He lost respect from everyone in the town, which is why I think I couldn’t find any information on him after this story. No family, nothing. If this DID happen, I feel horrible for him. 

Some people also believe that Jeff didn’t make the story up but that the creature is still fake. They think that someone had dressed up or found some way of making the creature as a prank and Jeff was the one who came upon it. Once the story blew up in such a negative way, the real culprits would never admit it was them.

So, What do you think? Do you think Jeff was telling the truth and saw an alien-like creature? Do you think he was trying to find glory in a fabricated tale that backfired on him? Or do you think it was a prank-gone-wrong? Let me know! I could go any way with it.

A picture of a moon in the cloudy night sky,

Growing up in central Alabama, I remember in elementary school we would, as most schools do, have assemblies. One of my most memorable assemblies was when each class of first graders, during their allotted “library time” was gathered into our school’s quaint library. The teachers would seat us all on pillows which sat on top of carpeted stairs leading into a small auditorium-like space. On this day, our presenters were  reading us the famous book from my area; Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jefferey, and this is where my fascination began, I think.

 I knew something was off in my childhood home, but growing up in a Christian home, talking of ghosts or other paranormal beings was rarely tolerated. Around the age of seven I had my first paranormal experience. In this experience, I felt, obviously terrified, but also incredibly intrigued. I began to want to know more but, I was still afraid of learning more. 

My parents had purchased their home in the early eighties, it wasn’t old but it definitely wasn’t an example of modern design. The home, at the time of purchase, was a small, three bedroom home with one and a half bathrooms, if you could even call what was almost just an avocado green toilet in an avocado green linen closet half a bathroom. We lived in that home until I was around seven years old, then my parents decided we needed something bigger. They worked with contractors and all but rebuilt the small 1960’s era home. We went from three bedrooms to four, a basement, and two stories. When the renovation was finally complete after MONTHS of excitement and sleeping in the living room while my room was being built, the house was finished! I was stoked to finally stay in my new room! I didn’t have any furniture in the room but I begged to sleep in my room as soon as the house was finished. So, with a sleeping bag in tow, and my tiny hands carrying pillows and blankets and Dudley, my plush dragon, I began a journey I didn’t even know I signed up for that night. 

That first night in my new bedroom is one I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

As a child, I was always scared of things, let’s keep that in mind. I wasn’t the adventurous “outdoorsy” type of kid. I rode bikes and swam in the lake behind our house but for the most part, I wasn’t like other kids my age that I grew up with. This fear wasn’t just outside though, I was afraid to be alone inside too. I’m sure my parents LOVED that I was always stuck to their sides, too afraid to do anything alone and having no reason to be. So for me to beg, you guys, BEG to sleep in my own room, ALONE, I’m positive they were thrilled too, maybe my parents thought this was the beginning of me sleeping alone and not being so afraid, but they would be wrong. 

 That night I couldn’t get to sleep. I didn’t want to go downstairs and hurt my seven-year-old pride by saying I was wrong and couldn’t do it, so I stuck it out! I stayed (almost) all night. At some point in the night I heard something tapping on my window so I looked up expecting a bird or an animal, I’m not really sure what I expected. But instead, I saw a face. I turned my head away and pulled my sleeping bag up around my face and sat there for a few seconds until I gained a tiny bit of courage to look back and see that it was gone. I don’t know who it could be, and honestly I thought even at that young age that I was dreaming. Dreaming or not, I threw in the towel at this point. I was done. No more! 

Most people would say that, yes, I was dreaming. I probably had drifted off and had a nightmare in my sleep, and honestly, I thought that too until I started sleeping in my own room again as a teenager, maybe thirteen or fourteen. I was so afraid of what I saw that night, and things I heard and couldn’t explain while I was up in my room playing with barbies or stuffed animals, that for the next  nearly seven years I would sleep on the couch in the living room, or have friends over as much as possible so I wasn’t alone. 

It wasn’t until I began sleeping in my room alone at fourteen that I realized very quickly, I did not dream this all those years ago, and I was vindicated when it wasn’t only me who saw things and heard them. Most of my friends from high school agree still , eight years later, that house is haunted! My brother still to this day claims he never saw anything or heard anything, but recently I got my dad to admit to me that he has seen and heard things but he didn’t want me to be more scared than I already was. My mom still claims that nothing is in the house ,even though she has a pretty cool sleep paralysis story she refuses to see as paranormal. 

So this is where my interests began. In a home on the lake, that my parents still live in with my ten-year-old adopted sister. This place, and conversations on the pier with friends, are what all developed my passion and interest in the paranormal. I want to tell my stories, my experiences with ghosts, but I also want to do a deep dive into other paranormal topics. I want to learn and talk about cryptids and aliens and magic. But aside from all of that, I want to learn more about the different haunted locations in my area. I want to create the new updated version of Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jefferey and tell everyone what I find, but I also want you, my audience, to tell me YOUR experiences and where it happened! This is my first experience and as my husband once said and I can never let him down for it now, “That’s my TEDtalk!”